The perfect atmosphere to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. 



Milk choices available- 2%, skim, soy, lactose free
Traditional Cappuccino
Java Chai Latte
Green Tea latte
London Fog
Apple Cider
Hot Chocolate white or dark
Chai Latte
Café Mocha
English Toffee
French Vanilla

Flavour shots available
caramel, vanilla, butter pecan, hazelnut, gingerbread, pumpkin spice, peppermint
Unsweetened flavour shots
ginger cookie, vanilla, caramel

Long or short
Double shot
Café Americano
Red Eye

Coffee Roasts

French Roast, Fair Trade Dark, Hazelnut, Bavarian Chocolate, Butter Pecan, French Vanilla, Swiss Mocha Almond, Irish Cream, Pumpkin Spice, Spiced Egg Nog 

(some are seasonal)


Green, Tropical Mango Green, Cucumber Lemongrass, Spiced Chai, Earl Grey Black, Earl grey Chocolate Berry, White, Ginger Lychee, Spiced Apple Caramel, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Sweet Camomile, Pomegranate Echinacea, Ginkgo Ginger, Orange Pekoe



Available on selection of freshly baked bagels(cheddar, plain, everything, sesame, whole wheat, cinnamon raisin), whole wheat bread, marble rye bread, croissants, gluten free bread

All Day Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon, lettuce, tomato
Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato
Western Omelette
Plain Omelette
Bagel with cream cheese
Lunch Sandwiches
Ham and Swiss
Turkey and Swiss
Salmon Salad
Egg salad
Cheddar, lettuce, tomato
Swiss, lettuce, tomato
Cucumber and cream cheese
Pita with Tzatziki or Hummus dip

Soup & Combos

*Offering three soups daily
Soup with buttered bagel
Soup with garlic pita bread and tzatziki
Soup with tea biscuit

Sweet Treats

Dessert Squares
deep dutch brownies, tiger brownies, triple chocolate fudge brownies, haystack brownies, date squares
apple danish, strawberry danish, éclairs, apple fritters, cinnamon buns, butter tarts
Tea Biscuits
raisin, cranberry, pumpkin, cheddar, apple cinnamon
Gluten Free
muffins, tea biscuits, cookies, fudge, brownies, breads for sandwiches
Apple Caramel Blossom, Hot Fudge cake
We offer fudge from Kawartha Fudge Company - all sorts of seasonal flavours and delicious year round flavours like: chocolate, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, praline, peanut butter and chocolate


Cold Beverages

Real fruit iced chiller drinks
Smoothies made with yogurt
Smoothies made with yogurt and protein supplement
from MYO Armour Nutrition

Frozen yogurt
mixed berry, tropical fruit, and vanilla

Perrier, Arizona Iced Tea, Fuze, Fruit juices- apple, orange, grapefruit, cranberry, Bottled Water

Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Sprite, Root Beer, Fresca, Orange Fanta, Grape Fanta, Cream Soda, Nestea

Kawartha Dairy Milk White or Chocolate